Why Your Restaurant Could Fail

There’s not a doubt in my mind that your restaurant is important to you. From humble beginnings, a restaurant owner has faced nearly every challenge and becomes resilient to the day to day problems occurring within the food industry. In my Eyes, businesses are facing 1 of 2 situations in their everyday life as a restaurant owner in 2020.

Problem 1: Not Enough Customers 

Problem 2: Too Many Customers 

Whichever the problem may be, You wouldn’t have come this far were it not for your ability to overcome the hurdles as a small business owner. And today I’d like to share a resolution based on feedback from real customers. 

Location of Restaurant

The foremost reason, based on information from Yelp, that restaurants are forced to close is the location and accessibility of an establishment. Marketing is expensive but effective in generating more exposure for your small business, But nothing is more beneficial than paying nothing at all for free exposure. By selecting the proper location not only are you able to generate potential customers from the line of sight, but you are also creating a convenient option for most people’s busy lifestyles.

Not Focusing on Being Customer Concentric

The second largest reason for a restaurant’s demise is lack of being customer concentric. People are slowly becoming lazier, with today’s modern systems of online ordering and at table service, there is no telling that customers want a quick and easy solution when it comes to mealtime. Making this process convenient is very close to the top of the list when it comes to proving a unique customer experience.

Quality Of Food

This may seem like quite an obvious reason a restaurant be forced to close, but by not religiously introducing new menu options or updating past menu items customers will get bored and start searching for a new place to eat. Repetitive business is always a great way to maintain a steady stream of income for small businesses. Large chains are constantly updating and creating new menu items for the customer to enjoy and in order to beat the constant marketing efforts of these large corporations. Offer a monthly newsletter that fills customers in on future menu plans. 

Customer Experience

The Food Industry is constantly adapting to faster and more unique systems to deliver the highest quality customer experience possible. Millennials and Genz are quickly changing the expectations taken upon by restaurants and bars alike. With the adoption of game nights, karaoke, trivia, and whatnot are really becoming the modern trend in bars all around the world. If trying to spice things up at a small restaurant is the goal, this is an excellent way to achieve this.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

With Quarantines and lockdowns chances are your customers are online browsing social media. People are stuck inside, working from home any using social media more than ever before. Not only do Facebook ads build trust and awareness throughout the community, Facebook ads allow for complete control over specific locations, age groups, genders, specific behavior, and unique interests. Paid Advertising allows the opportunity to create coordinated campaigns and special deals that customers can’t turn down.

By running ads within a 3 mile radius, and setting up a retargeting strategy generating new customers weekly is a given. Retargeting can be done by implementing Facebook pixel onto your website, and easily creating custom audiences based on users demographics.


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