The Ultimate Restaurant Marketing Strategies

The reason for creating restaurant marketing strategies is a need more customers, and whether or not you have the space to appease these customers is not a problem. Potential customers are constantly searching for a simple, quick, and inexpensive solution for mealtime. Chances are these potential customers check their social media within moments of me providing this valuable inside information to you.

It’s no question that your potential clients are active on Facebook, and by using Facebook Messenger we can instantly grab their attention. With this being said, the first goal should be collecting a diverse amount of contact information as efficiently as possible. By implementing a facebook messenger bot into a restaurants Facebook page not only can we accomplish this, but a unique ordering system can be created proven to take a restaurant to the next level.

Facebook Messenger Marketing is an online selling machine

Facebook Messenger will keep your customers coming back for more, and that just Perk #1. By implementing this 0 hidden fee system into a restaurant. Not only is it creating a unique aspect that only 30% of small restaurants are using, but it is also completely automated with a simple to use interface designed for convenience. Next Level Growth provides the ordering platform to completely level up any restaurant, and destroy the competition. 

How to buid a massive contact list of potential customers

Like any product or service, to make. asale requires an interested customer. So how exactly can a restaurant build a profitable list of potential clients? Creating a giveaway might seem over saturated, it’s not. while it may be a great way of generating tons of potential new customers. By funneling these customers through a messenger bot it is simple to automate a detailed profile that can be used to re-target this audience in many different ways. Another proven strategy to use is creating a food challenge. Something out of the ordinary that will draw in potential new customers from all directions.

Creating A Viral Giveaway

Social Media is the ultimate hub for infinite amounts of free traffic Including Instagram and Facebook into restaurant marketing strategies should not be overlooked. By creating an irresistible offer through Paid ads or even a simple post there is no limit to the amount of free traffic that could be generated for your establishment. Let me start out by listing some examples of this awesome tactic.

One way to go about creating a giveaway is to offer a month supply of a certain popular menu item available to use each day of the month. While this may seem like an expensive alternative to your current restaurant marketing strategy, the income generated by a viral spiral effect of likes, comments, and shares will surpass any losses.

Another example of a viral tactic would be offering some sort of eating competition. I’m sure we’re all familiar with Man vs. Food. People love a good challenge, and with a challenge – yields high reward. By creating a food challenge not only are you implementing a new unique customer experience, but you are also potentially creating a viral concept that greatly increases the chances of a snowball effect of likes, shares, and comments.

For example, one of the best steak houses I have ever eaten at sits in the heart of Houston, Texas. The restaurant has a very structured PPC campaign that stands out among many for this basic offer. “Free 56 OZ Steak” The best steak in Texas, and boy are they not kidding. The 56 OZ steak is a feast on its own, but it’s not free – like many things there’s a catch. In order to claim the free 56 OZ steak, it must be eaten within 1 hour, otherwise, the meal costs a whopping 89$.

The small restaurant in Houston is packed and fully reserved 90% of the year, and often times has to turn away loyal customers. (Maybe they should check out Next Level Growths Online Ordering System)


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